Antikythera mechanism

Antikythera( world’s first computer) system mechanisms are considered to be the world’s first analog computer. Scientists believe that this computer is approximately 2000 BC old.
This machine was discovered near the Greek Anticanthra Island.
It was at that time when we have no idea about today’s digital computer. Some divers were dipping in search of good sponge for their business. At the same time they could see a broken ship under water.
This machine is rescued with some artifacts from the ship.

All The material is stored at the museum of Athence. At the first time scientist could not solve this mystery of this machine, they thought it might be a very old watch. The machine at athence’s museum was many years after negligence.
17 May 1902, archaeologist Valerious Stais first discovered that there is a lot of gears in this machine.He also thought it would be a clock made with a advance technology. Then after a long year, Mike Edmunds and Tony Freeth with their team used the modern X-Ray tomography to scan the inside of machine.Research went one step further on the way the first computer invention of the world. After scanning the inside of the machine, this image showed 37 gear wheels.
Before 2000 BC, the Greeks used it for the purpose of observation of the motion of sun and moon.Depending on the speed of the sun and moon, they would make a specific calendar. Even the predict the exact time of lunar eclipse and solar eclipse. As it was found in the ship, so it was thought that it was used to calculate the direction, even the latitude and longitude was calculated. The scientist claims that the design of antykithera machine is much more complicated.


The design of the zodiac sign, which represents twelve zodiacal signals, equally 30-degree sectors. There is another ring which is rotatable used to calculate twelve months with 30 days plus five intercalary days. The device is operated by turning a small hand crank (which is not found) which was linked with a gear to the biggest gear. Most of the scholar said that the design of this computer was very complex and also it is unbelievable to imagine this type of complex design in that time.



Antikythera mechanism

Computer of 20th century

Though it is said that the Antikythera machine is the world’s first computer but pre-20th-century devices have been used for the purpose of computation. Basically, it is used to count items, probably livestock or grains which is sealed in hollow or clay containers.

Ancient roman abacus

Later the abacus was the one of the popular process used to calculate arithmetic tasks. The Roman abacus was developed in Babylonia as early as 2400 BC.

Ancient roman abacus
Roman abacus

A checkered cloth was placed on the table and a marker is used to move around on it according to certain rules to calculating sums of money.

Modern Computer

But after this era Charles Babbage, a mechanical engineer originated the concept of a programmable computer in 1822. He is also said the “father of the computer”. The input is provided to the machine via punched card.The output is provided via a printer, a curve plotter, and a bell.

charles babbage computer
Charles Babbage’s computeer

The concept of this machine was a century ahead of its time. Parts of the machine were made by hand and it was a major problem to handle thousands of parts. After many classifications of computers ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was proposed by the scientist. it was able to calculate a large class of numerical problems.


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